11 Things to Know Before Accepting That Job Offer

Getting a new job offer may be exhilarating- all those years of grinding it out at school, racking up internships, and preparing for interviews, finally bearing fruit. At a glance, this new job offer might seem like the stuff of your dreams on paper. But, you must take a step back and assess the opportunity objectively, before you sign that contract and bind yourself to the position.

Roles & Responsibilities

Make sure you know exactly what your position entails. Before you sign your contract, make sure you and your employer are on the same page regarding your day-to-day tasks, deliverables, type of projects, skillset, and so on, to ensure you are the right fit and have a satisfactory experience.

Employers’ Expectations

Make sure you understand the expectations that your employer has off you, and they are in league with what you can pull off. Don’t enter a position knowing that you may fall short of what your employer expects from you, nor should you have to sell yourself short because your employer expects you to.

Work Hours

Everybody has a different ratio of work-life balance that they wish to maintain. Once you have figured out your job responsibilities and your boss’ expectations, you can have a fair idea of the amount of work you have to do. Ask yourself whether you can handle the requisite hours and it is in line with your idea of work-life balance or is it too much.

Job Benefits

Take stock of the salary and benefits being offered, before you commit. Find out the salary increments, bonus, sick days, maternity/paternity leaves, and so on, and ensure that they are on par with other organizations.

Work Culture

You’ll be spending a lot of time at your workplace, and to be truly successful, make sure that the work-environment reflects what your personality brings to the table. If you thrive in a competitive yet collaborative environment, and the work culture at your office is laidback and individualistic, you might have a lot of trouble adjusting.

Team Members

Meet as many team members as you can before you finalize the decision to join an organization, to make sure you gel well with them.

Level of Autonomy

The level of autonomy offered by the company should become evident from your conversations with future teammates. The decision-making process and the amount of corporate tape should not go drastically against your own style of work. If you pride yourself on your independent problem-solving and individualism, and your teammates reveal your manager to be a micromanager, this position is definitely not going to be a good fit for you.

Turnover Rates

A company’s turnover rates are often an indication of the work atmosphere and employee satisfaction. If the turnover rate is very high, and employees frequently leave to find greener pastures, you might want to think twice before committing to the position.

Company Stability

Research about the nitty-gritty of your company- especially the media opinion of it and its financial stability. Keep abreast of these developments so you do not have to scramble to find a new job if the company gets into trouble and lets off employees.

Technology and Software

Ask about the technology and equipment used by the company. If you are not familiar with the software and devices that are extensively used for day-to-day activities, you will have a lot of adjusting to do and often fall short of your optimum productivity.

Career Prospects

Ensure that this job is going to be a stepping stone in achieving your career goals, and not a deterrent. This position should help you grow in your field and climb the corporate ladder and not take you off on a different tangent.

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure your new job offer does not disappoint in these criteria, and you will not only be successful at your new workplace but also satisfied.

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