5 Best CRM Applications for your Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential business strategy for companies of all sizes that deals with its interactions with customers. CRM softwares help companies with efficient and effective customer relationship management.

These softwares have the basic function of aiding the sales team maximise their efficiency while providing customers with their desired products and services. You can find automated customer support, marketing, and sales options as key features in these softwares.

When picking your CRM software, you should make sure they provide features for monitoring performance indicators by providing accurate reports and analysis. Data-management tools, workflow monitors, etc. are other key features that you should look for.

Make sure that the software is flexible enough to also allow customization, mobility, integration, and other factors to tailor-make it for your company. Listed below are 5 CRM solutions that you can explore for your business.


Insightly is a powerful web-based CRM and project-management software with regularly updated features to help you stay at the top of your game. Insightly users can organize and manage their contacts, and also link together tasks, address books, and email together.

You can manage tasks and track milestones, projects, and progress using the in-built PM feature, and generate accurate reports. Moreover, you have options for a freemium plan, 3rd party integration, as well as mobile support. The flexible dashboards and high security for all your data, make it an ideal choice.


Founded in 2010, Freshdesk is a California-based customer support and helpdesk solution. Used extensively by over 80,000 companies worldwide, it helps you manage your company’s CRM through a social helpdesk, databases, and community engagement.

Its key features include multi-channel conversation support, automation tools, ticketing system, reporting features, and easy-to-apply customizations. Freshdesk can also be integrated with 3rd party apps to make your company’s support capabilities more effective and efficient.


A cloud-based CRM, sales, and marketing software, Infusionsoft is perfect for small businesses. Its key features include list management, contact management, calendar, task management, and email integration.

This software helps companies boost conversation rates and provide a smooth online shopping experience. Along with a one-time kickstart package, you can choose one of the many available pricing plans that suit your needs based on your company’s level of growth.

Zoho CRM

A CRM application from Zoho, the Zoho CRM enables teams to simplify their process, provide easily accessible information, and show insights based on the available data. It supports multi-channel conversations with customers and has features for analytics, automation, and reporting.

Allowing for customization, the Zoho CRM is an affordable solution with various plans available – the prices increase as more features are available at your service. The USP of this application is the vast options for add-ons and 3rd party integrations. Another bonus is the option of integrating with other Zoho apps since it is a part of the Zoho suite.


Considered by many to be the top CRM platform, Salesforce is a web-based software that has an array of products for certain industries, and companies of any size. It helps boost sales, close deals and gives a general boost to productivity. Its simple interface doesn’t demand much from its users except the availability of a web-browser and their email.

This integrated CRM solution provides tools for most of your needs- including sales automation, customer service, campaign management, marketing, etc. It has a variety of plans available to cater to your company’s budget and business model and gives you the option to switch plans as your company grows.

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