5 Best SaaS Services to improve business processes efficiency

Technology has been growing at a breakneck speed and businesses throughout the world have been trying to keep up. It’s important that as a business operator you avail the best tools at your disposal so that your team can achieve maximum efficiency. One of the most fascinating tools that businesses are lapping up right now is the cloud computing category called software-as-a-service (SaaS). This means that you no longer have to rely on on-premise solutions to manage your business processes resulting in a significant growth in terms of costs and infrastructure.
Let us look at five of the best SaaS services that it will help your company grow:


Slack is the go to software when it comes to team collaboration tools. Interestingly it was initially created to develop an online game called Glitch. Slack offers organized chat rooms, private groups and direct messaging and all the conversations are searchable. It also seamlessly integrates with tons of useful third party software like Google Drive, Trello and Dropbox. It has apps for every possible smartphone operating system and also offers a web browser based client.


Shopify is an integrated e-commerce platform that brings online stores together under the same umbrella. If your store is on shopify, invoices and customers get added automatically when they place an order. Your CRM also receives complete order information from shopify. The details are passed on to your fulfilment provider and then the tracking number is in turn made available to the Shopify customer. Email marketing also becomes extremely easy because contacts get added automatically to your mailing list because of MailChimp integration.


Google of course still remains the “big daddy” of all SaaS services which range from its legendary search engine to online advertising. Products like Google Drive and Google Translate are amongst the most widely used SaaS services worldwide. Companies also opt for services like Google Suite which helps them organize all their businesses processes in one place.

Google also offers one of the best analytics service in the market allowing you to figure out exactly where you went wrong. The best part about using Google based solutions is how smoothly each app connects to the other. You can schedule business meetings on your Google Calendar through a note in Google Keep, a mail in Gmail or from a conversation in Google Hangouts.


MailChimp is an industry leader in email marketing and with good reason. You can simply schedule emails to specific mailing lists without any extra hassle. It also helps you in analytics since MailChimp allows you to track whether the mail was “read” or not. It also seamlessly integrates with a lot of third party platforms from where it can borrow data to create customized mailing lists.


Salesforce is a completely cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that can help your company grow your consumer base. It has great features for case management and task management. It’s wonderful and simple portal allows customers to track their cases and also participate in conversations about the company on social media. Salesforce also provides you analytical tools which will help you to understand your consumer base better. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new startup or a big company, SaaS services can truly make your life easier and your business model more effective when it comes to getting results.

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