5 Tips to Boost your Candidate Sourcing Strategies

Candidate Sourcing refers to the recruitment strategy of actively scouting and engaging qualified talent, with an aim of converting them into applicants when positions in your company are vacant. To attract the best talent in your field and get ahead in the competitive job market of today, the company needs to put itself out there. Candidate Sourcing is of value to not only upcoming companies who may not have much brand recognition, but also larger establishments. It widens an enterprise’s recruitment horizon, making the process much more efficient and attracting applicants in bulk from which they can have the pick of the lot.

Here are 5 tips that will help you boost your Candidate Sourcing strategy and make the most of it:

Make Your Job Posting Easy to Find

Ensure that the job description you put out is easy to understand, and lucrative enough to attract the attention of potential applicants. Your job postings should be easy to find on job boards and forums. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is compatible with these job boards can make the sourcing process easier for you by uploading the applicant resumes automatically and compiling them for easy sorting.

Be in Cahoots with your Hiring Manager

Make sure to be on the same page as your hiring manager from the very onset of the recruitment process. Clearly define what your criteria for a good prospective employee is, to make sure the candidate sourcing is done along those lines. A kickoff meeting is indispensable for the same. Discuss the job role, your ideal candidature, review the talent pool. Make sure the communication lines between you and the hiring department are open even after the initial meeting, and revert with constant feedback to make the candidate sourcing procedure efficient.

Make the most of Social Media

Make the best use of social media platforms for scouting passive candidates, nurturing them, and eventually converting into job applicants. This category of possible candidates may not have impressive profiles on job boards, but they are much more active on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Instagram. You can streamline your searches based on keywords, skill-set, location, industry, etc., and you might be surprised to stumble across some very high-quality talent.
Along with scouting for talent, you should also post the job profiles on the company’s social media pages. Engage with potential candidates via the messaging system and answer any queries they may have. This will build a rapport and help in supplication conversions.

Use Semantic Search

A semantic search strategy helps you find candidates who might have otherwise escaped your notice owing to unusual or highly specific job titles. Semantic searches not only look for your specified job titles, but also related titles and synonyms. Ideally, a semantic search should scan for skill keywords, variations of title, and generic misspells. They can also find specific combinations of words or phrases in a sentence that may reveal the skill-set you are looking for in a candidate. Boolean search strings are usually the go-to option for conducting semantic searches, but certain ATS available can also make this task easier.

Compile Referrals

Referrals are a great way of sourcing candidates. You can compile referrals from existing employees, other recruiters, and even recent candidates who may refer to their peers. You can find both passive and active candidates through referrals, and statistically this strategy has been known to fetch some of the best candidates.

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