Job Search Tips for International Masters Students in the US

Though always a difficult task, job-hunting presents a more difficult conundrum for international students owing to cultural differences and visa requirements than for U.S. citizens. Often, employers are wary of hiring international students because it might not only be more cost-intensive and time-consuming, but they may also have poor communicative skills in English.

Possible complexities regarding visas also present an additional obstacle. While it is your responsibility to provide as much clarity to your employers regarding your visa restrictions, we are here to help you with some additional tips that will alleviate the frustrations of the job-hunting process in the US.

Be the Early Bird

In keeping with the adage “the early bird gets the worm”, one should always start the job-hunting process as early as possible. While this applies to all job-seekers, it is especially important for international students. Not only will this help you get the pick of the lot, but it will also give you the time you will require to find an employer whose policies are suitable for your visa requirements without jeopardizing your financial situation.

Research Your Circumstances

Familiarize yourself extensively with the nitty-gritty of your visa allowances, job arena, potential costs, deadlines, and so on. Your confidence in these matters will assure the potential employer that he is making the right decision in hiring you.

Build Relationships

The alumni groups and your school’s community, who were once in the same juncture as you, are some of the best resources to help you on your job-seeking journey. Your contacts in the U.S, extended family, or even an American friend’s parents might help bring forth a job-opportunity. It is therefore very important to focus on forging these relationships.

Avail your University’s Career Services

Most universities provide some sort of career guidance, and with their extensive experience with international students, they are well-equipped to help you. Discuss your specific goals, requirements and situation to make the most of this opportunity of getting customized advice. Alongside, be a regular at career fairs and network with recruiters to acquire potential interviews.

Ace that Interview

When you are turning up for interviews, make sure you put your best foot forward. Employers are often already biased against international students on the basis of their communication skills or battle personal prejudices. It is essential that you work on your communication skills and practice as much as possible. To appear as confident in your abilities as possible, practice mock questions from the internet and do a thorough analysis of what your skill set is. In addition, take extra efforts to appear neat and professional. Maintain eye-contact and a confident bearing, have all your testimonials ready, and you should ace those interviews!

Stay Positive

It is very easy to find yourself losing all hope and being thoroughly disillusioned about your prospects when you find your extensive efforts at finding a job yielding no results. It is crucial to have a positive attitude and self-confidence in the face of adversity. Strive to impress your prospective employers and prove your mettle, and eventually, you will find an employer who has faith in your abilities and is willing to invest in you.