How to Recruit Candidates using LinkedIn?

The quality of a company’s workforce can make or break its reputation, and success rate in the market. It is, consequently, very important to pay attention to the recruitment process, so you can filter out the ideal candidates from the barrage of applicants, and convert them into ideal employees. Finding candidates who match up to your requirements might pose a problem, but it is easily solved in this age of social media. More and more companies are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to source candidates, and LinkedIn by far shows the most satisfactory results amongst these. LinkedIn also provides a more viable alternative to traditional recruiting sites such as by combating the problem of quantity vs. quality.

When used correctly and strategically, LinkedIn can prove to be a powerful platform that helps companies narrow down on candidates with specific and coveted skill-sets, and build a competent and successful workforce. Here are a few tips on how to recruit candidates using LinkedIn:

Put in Work and Creativity into Building the Company Profile

Put in thought and effort into making your company profile on LinkedIn. This is the page that should give all potential candidates an overview of your company and what you expect from your employees. The profile should have regular uploads of blog posts, relevant videos and photos, job postings, employee testimonials, and links to your website and other social media platforms. Make sure your profile is not only attractive to job aspirants, but can also hook in their attention enough to convert them into applicants.

Make use of Network for Candidate Sourcing

LinkedIn connections are a great database to source your candidates from, and it also gives you a greater deal of control in the hiring process. In case you find your established network a bit too vast, you can effectively narrow it down using a few search tricks. For instance, instead of searching for job-related keywords, you can make use of the advanced search options and browse by industry, education, location, or even work history. Make use of the ‘tag’ feature to categorize connections based on your criteria, and view this list at one go. A paid subscription on LinkedIn will, however, provide you with more advanced search options to streamline your sourcing experience. You can also tap into your existing employee’s networks for further options of candidates who might have similar skill-sets and other requisites.

Consider Investing in a Premium Version for a Quarter

Consider upgrading to a paid version of LinkedIn. While the free version is itself a very powerful platform with a plethora of recruitment tools, the upgrades offer a more personalized and expanded toolkit that will give you greater control over your recruitment process. The LinkedIn Recruiter service is a very convenient tool, available upon upgrading, that helps you fine-tune your searches to a greater extent, and provides advanced analytics to gauge the success of your campaigns, create mass mails, etc. Though paying a fee for using the premium services might put-off some people, consider that investing (perhaps only for a quarter) will actually cut down on the cost of hiring a recruitment agency and give you a much greater deal control of and efficiency.

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