Top Tech Trends

Top Tech Trends for 2017

It’s third quarter of the year already, and everyone seems to have nicely adjusted to the newer trends in the field of Information Technology. Be it a start-up or a well-established firm, it is essential to embrace newer technologies and let go off older ones. We’ve compiled a list of 10 most promising technology trends that emerged this year.

Internet of Things (IoT) Yes. We have air conditioners that switch on/off at scheduled hours, and electric appliances that can be operated using a mobile phone. This is the magic of IoT, a novel and promising trend that made our life simpler and easier to manage. To those who haven’t heard of IoT, it is a method of interacting with the internal systems of smart devices (also known as connected devices) via Internet, to send and receive data.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) Advancements in Virtual Reality has transformed that way we interact with the virtual environments; as well as how individuals interact with one another and with the systems. This year has witnessed the integration of virtual and augmented reality with multiple devices – mobile, wearable, connected – to extend immersive applications beyond virtual and remote experiences.

Cloud Computing One great example of Cloud Computing is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which allows people to upload, access, share and work on their documents and files from a large variety of devices. Given the involvement of bigger companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple, Cloud Computing has gained great importance and will continue to do so over the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) The world has already witnessed the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which has the power to transform the way we live, work and survive. AI is expected to bring a paradigm shift in the way technology is perceived and interacted with, given its ability to make machines perform a multitude of tasks with ease and lesser risk of human error.

Voice Recognition Technology Speech Recognition (aka Voice Recognition) has become a standard feature in all portable devices, thanks to Tech giants Apple, Google and Amazon. This year has witnessed a greater accuracy in voice recognition software converting its limited usage to massive adoption among a majority of mobile users.

Intelligent Apps VPAs or virtual personal assistants are the most common kinds of Intelligent Apps that are developed with the ability to transform businesses, streamline common processes, prioritizing tasks and improving productivity. This year has laid the foundation for intelligent apps that go beyond VPAs, and are integrated with autonomous business processes and more conversational interfaces.

Automation Artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning have paved path for automation as an immediate answer to replace common human tasks, in order to reduce human error and perform jobs that are beyond human capacity. Although automation is not good at implementing logical tasks such as design and architecture, complex problem-solving among others, the power of automation is evidently a threat to the current job market.

From technology trends to changing business needs, the tech world is witnessing a paradigm shift year on year. It is essential for CEOs and CIOs to be well-informed of the trends in order to leverage and adapt to stay ahead in the competition.

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HRM Platform

It’s time your firm needs a HRM platform

Human resources are one of the more complicated parts of running a business, which apparently is not a cakewalk when relying on spreadsheets for record-keeping. No matter how small or large your business is, having a strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) platform speaks a lot about how your manage your business.

The core strength of any business is the people they choose to hire. The tedious task of maintaining interview records, user profiles, salaries and other data in one master database contributes to a number of business advantages. This helps effectively deal with everyday HR errands, and streamline the resource management aspect of your business. Here are top 3 reasons your organization needs a Human Resource Management (HRM) Platform.

Robust Database Management

Irrespective of whether you’ve just begun hiring or have a solid employee base, maintaining a record of your employees is a must for every business. From categorizing candidates based on skills, experience, job profile and much more, to maintain a database of the shortlisted candidates to be considered for future openings, a robust HRM addresses all your needs.

In view of the legal requirements of the state and central laws, it is also mandatory to maintain a record of all the employees who’ve worked with your organization at any point of time. Be it new hire management, resource management or other record-keeping or data organization purpose, having a multi-functional HRM platform is essential for your business on a long-term basis.

Convenient Platform for all HR needs

Utilizing an HRM platform at your firm can eliminate the scope for human error and automate a lot of processes that consume so much effort and time, leaving little or no scope for data manipulation. This was your business HR division works in a more convenient and organized environment within the organization.

An HRM platform enables the human resources department to effectively execute their regular operations such as report creation, data analytics, maintaining time records, candidate evaluation, internal communication, financial record-keeping and much more.

Efficient and Time-Saving Method

Having an organized system of business always enhances productivity and is vital for every business. An effective HRM platform serves this purpose by offering a myriad of workforce management features such as the follows.

  • Employee self-service portals (Applying Leaves, Updating Timesheets, etc)
  • New Hire Training and Onboarding Administration
  • Compensation records and Appraisal Forms
  • Performance management
  • Employee training and Development
  • Company Policies Repository
  • Salary and Benefits administration
  • Attendance and Work hours tracking
  • Employee Referrals Tracking
  • Reports and Data Analytics
  • Mobile Application Access

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