10 Tips To Successful Mobile App Development

Mobile-friendly websites were the trend of yesterday, while mobile apps are the trends of today! Mobile Apps are not limited to only e-commerce websites but are extended to brands across all industrial sectors, no matter the nature and size of the business.

Speaking of Mobile Apps, Fortune Minds Inc. works with a team of mobile application developers to develop forward-thinking apps for businesses across the globe. We worked with e-commerce business owners, foodpreneurs and much more to roll out apps that suit their business requirements. Our experts have listed out 10 tips to launch a successful mobile app development project and create an app that improves user engagement and experience.

Tip #1 Do not underestimate the importance of Testing

While Development is an important phase, testing is the most crucial area of mobile app development that cannot be overlooked. Whether it is a mobile game or a retail store, it is always essential to ensure your apps has little or no bugs that could totally push your users away from your app.

Tip #2 Do not tend to Overdo

As much as a beautiful, cute, bright-colored app seems to look good, it is essential to keep the UI more vision-friendly, and minimal. Minimalistic designs are a great way to tap the GenY and GenZ audience.

Tip #3 Identify the core principle

Before launching app development, you need to have clear information about the nature and purpose of the app to make sure the process heads from A to B and not A to C.

Tip #4 Know your audience

Understanding your audience demographics helps in order to create an app that identifies and address their preference and creates more engagement.

Tip #5 Focus on Load Time

Creating a bulky app that uses more data and exhibits a slow load time is a big no-no. Hence, it is essential to focus on load time as well while developing an app.

Tip #6 Pick the Right Features

There is a tendency to load mobile apps with all the features with an intention to provide everything on a single platform. While an all-in-one mobile app is a great idea, bulky apps might turn your audience away. So, it is advised to pick the most relevant features that reflect your brand strategy.

Tip #7 Cross-Platforms Apps

Gone are the days when apps were created for iOS or Android mobiles. If your app doesn’t exhibit cross-platform compatibility, then you are about to lose the race.

Tip #8 Know your revenue targets

If there are any in-app revenue generation features such as paid applications, separate app and in-app freemiums, advertisements, subscription and pay per download among others, it is time you lay down a plan before you begin the development.

Tip #9 Do not ignore social media

One and the only best way to promote your app is to use social media extensively and create a great follower-base using other techniques such as influencer marketing, email newsletters and much more.

Tip #10 Do not ignore the approach

Lastly, the most important tip for your app development is to decide on Day 1 if you prefer a hybrid, native, or web app. Having this information is highly important.

5 IOS Apps

5 super innovative iOS Apps you need to know about

If you are a proud Apple owner and wish to make the most of your iPhone or iPad, then the Apple App Store has some great applications that can give you a truly amazing iOS experience. Popular for its fewer security concerns, the Apple App Store is home to some extremely innovative, high-quality apps. However, with thousands of new iOS apps releasing every year, it becomes a little overwhelming to find the great ones.

Here’s a list of five super innovative iOS apps that you must know about.

A fun, engrossing and creative puzzle game, Blackbox offers a unique gameplay for the iOS users. From tilting to shouting, snapping, clicking – a user can solve puzzles innovatively through this amazing app. So, move over those apps that require just thumbs to fuel your creativity. This app makes it easier for the user to experience a much more personal and tactile play environment by inviting sensory inputs that use the device’s camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer. What you get in the end is an award-winning iOS app that is ingenious enough to keep you intrigued for hours.

This app is for the photo filter lovers. Apple’s Clips can shoot stills and videos and give them a new life with some incredibly crazy filters. You can stitch photos and videos together and add all those elements that can bring out the creative photo editor in you. According to Apple, Clips help iPhone and iPad users to “create expressive videos”. With some really funky captioning tools, Apple Clips is the go-to app if you need Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram-ready videos.

Now something for the fitness enthusiasts out there – RunGo is a great running app that lets you enjoy exercising to the fullest. With features like finding new jogging routes, downloading routes for offline use, or creating new ones, this is a must-have app for runners. Along with this, the GPS voice navigation helps the users to keep running without having to look at the map constantly. Plus, you can share your location and jogging route with your friends with absolute ease.

The modern hectic lifestyle often leaves us too busy to remember important daily tasks and chores to be completed. Any.do can take that trouble away from you. This simple and beautiful app will keep you on time with all the tasks that you enter. It has got features like an easy to use to-do list, reminders, notes and the option to share the to-do lists with others and assign them tasks as well. You can enter new tasks with voice inputs and can keep your data synced to the cloud and get hassle-free access to the app from any iOS or Android device.

If you love recording a podcast or are just planning to try it, then Bumpers is for you. Transform your iPhone into a mobile podcasting studio with this wonderful app. It not only allows you to record and edit the podcasts, but also to share them without any difficulty. With a simple interface, it makes podcast editing a trouble-free task, which means you can share your work with others in a quick manner. You can even save your recordings as drafts which can be worked on later.

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